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meet the instructors


Don Brock

Welcome to the Texas Wind Riders, my name is Donald Brock and I am your local DFW Instructor for Powered Paragliding (PPG) since 2004. I have always been interested in flying and the thought of jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft has always appealed to me, so I did what came natural, I joined the  US Army!

I couldn't become a Pilot because of my eyesight so I figured Infantry Airborne is the right direction for me, I loved being a Paratrooper, I served in 3 Parachute Infantry Regiments.  As a Staff Sergeant I was tasked with many dangerous missions and to accomplish them I had to first lead by example and become a good teacher, I taught many things from small arms weaponry, explosives, hand to hand combat and how to jump out of all sorts of aircraft, I loved my job.

After getting hurt in combat I left the Army, I felt a bit lost and out of place, I needed to feel like SSG Brock again so as luck would have it, I spotted something in the air one day in Fort Worth, it was familiar but it wasn't, I saw a canopy and thought it was a skydiver, but I was wrong, it was a PPG Instructor by the name of Didier Debaque from Adventure France, I literally chased him down and asked him what that was? and how could I do it?  it has been love ever since.

My training started in April of 2004, I joined ASC (Aero Sports Connection) and received my Instructor Rating later that same year after 50 hours of flying and training students under the supervision of my Instructor.  In 2006 I became a certified Instructor by Francesco (Check) De Santis through the USPPA,  In 2017 I found myself being rated as an Administrator, Check was once more my Rater.

I take great pride in my country and my military service, I bring that Army Airborne attitude and spirit to my training LZ where I strive to give you the best and safest training possible, every student trains at a different pace, and everyone has a different learning curve, so with that said, you are NOT forced into the air nor do you have a specific time line, we train you at your speed, safety is the number one priority even if it takes you a bit longer, in the end it makes a huge difference. Welcome to my world, welcome to Powered Paragliding!


Donnie Kavanagh

My first experience with Powered Paragliding (PPG) was a tandem flight in February of 2015. I knew before I ever got back on the ground that the sky would be my second home. Don Brock took me on that flight and then became my instructor. I trained that spring, fought through a broken elbow (not training related, I promise) and still got my first solo flight in August of that same year. I love flying! I love teaching new students the art of kiting and giving them that first thrill of feeling the wind in their wing. I have flown backpack and trike now since 2015. In May of 2017 I received my USPPA Instructor certification from Francesco De Santis at the 2017 Endless Foot Drag in Ft. Smith Arkansas. I’ve only been in the sport a few years, but as you can tell by the aggressive timeline of ‘nothing to instructor’, I have a passion for flying. My goal is share that experience with all who have a taste for adventure, but to make sure to get you in the air and back on the ground SAFELY!