Nirvana Carbon Cruise Trike

Nirvana Carbon Cruise Trike

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Solid built 'Cruise Carbon' trike by Nirvana. The method of axle suspension absorbs the majority of hard landings. The soft suspension of the glider enables the trike to fly in the same way as the paramotor. Front mounted mirror and brake. 

Shipping not included.

Call Don Brock @ 214-682-1472 with questions or for more information.

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These trike are pretty cool, fun to fly and can be disassembled to fit in your trunk, adding your paramotor is also pretty simple.

There is some minimal wear and tear since this trike is not new but its in great condition! btw it also has a front break and I added a mirror so that you can see your wing come up during inflation saving your wing and your neck!

This trike can be added to the Rodeo, Colibri and the Ranger from nirvana or the Adventure Tiger series or the F3 and F4!

You hardly feel like you are flying a trike, and landings are easy since you don't need to land on your feet!